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Northwinds of Wyoming, Inc. is a Wyoming Corporation, based in Douglas, Wyoming, specializing in construction services for the oil and gas industry. Our primary experiences and interests are in the construction and maintenance of natural gas processing plants, compressor stations, pump stations, sweetening plants and the installation of pipelines and pipeline appurtenances.

Northwinds' station construction personnel are experienced in all facets of station and plant work including site layout and grade work, concrete installation, setting and grouting of equipment, fabrication and installation of pipe assemblies, sandblasting and painting of complete facilities, and building procurement and erection. We have fabricated and installed complete gas processing plants of various sizes ranging from the smaller skid mounted units to larger installations requiring extensive concrete for free standing process equipment and have relocated existing stations and plants as well as performing maintenance and refurbishing work on them.

Northwinds has the resources and expertise available to provide pipeline installations through 36" diameter, road bores through 36", river crossings and other pipeline related projects.

Regarding employees as the heart and soul of any organization, one of our primary goals has always been to develop, hire and retain quality personnel who are both aggressive in their efforts to complete projects in a timely manner and who are dedicated to quality workmanship and safe procedures. Our key personnel have extensive experience in either pipeline construction or station work and many are skilled in both types of construction.

Northwinds has an impeccable reputation for performing safe, high quality work; but, it is our intention to constantly strive for improvement in all areas of performance. Quality personnel are the keys to attaining that goal.

Northwinds of Wyoming, Inc. was incorporated in December of 1982 and is a non-union contractor. We are currently licensed to operate in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska. We have the flexibility and interest to set up and operate as a foreign corporation in other states, also.

Computers are utilized for accounting, payroll, job costing, and tracking equipment maintenance and expenditures. We have developed in-house bidding programs for a variety of projects and are continually expanding and upgrading those programs. We utilize one of the premiere scheduling software utilities on the market in conjunction with our bids. This adds accuracy and consistency to our quotes.

We do not have an in-house engineering and design staff. Our policy has been to work with engineering firms that have the expertise, experience and technology required for our design and engineering needs. The working relationship we have developed with several design engineers, consultants and engineering firms makes it possible to turn-key install various pipeline, compressor station and plant projects.

Northwinds maintains the very best liability insurance with provisions for Hold Harmless, Underground, Explosion, Pollution, and Broad Form Protection for all of our clients and provide certificates upon request. Please see page 5 in this section for contact information concerning insurance, bonding and banking.

Northwinds retains and maintains contact with an experienced nucleus of personnel qualified in the many skills necessary to provide the best possible installations:

  • Welders qualified for API 11.04, ASME 31.3 and experienced with carbon and stainless steel pipe.
  • Pipefitters qualified to layout and fit pipe from drawings or determine their own field dimensions.
  • Carpenters qualified to build and set forms, place re-bar, pour and finish concrete, perform finish carpentry work, install metal buildings and other related facilities.
  • Insulators experienced in pipe and vessel insulation using urethane, calcium silicate, foamglass and fiberglass, install aluminum jacketing by utilizing roll forming and crimping machines to complete a neat appearing job. They are capable of manufacturing their own fittings as well as installing factory pre-formed materials.
  • Painters experienced with sandblasting and spray painting of complete plants as well as the individual appurtenances.
  • Crane, backhoe, dozer, sideboom and other equipment operators qualified for the precise, careful operation as required in work performed inside the boundaries of operating facilities, around high pressure pipelines and for the various phases of construction of plants and pipelines.
  • Instrument men experienced with meter hookups, pressure, level and temperature controls, alarms and shutdown systems.
  • Layout men experienced with plant layouts, equipment locations, grading and developing as-built drawings.
  • Being resident to Wyoming and functioning during all seasons, our personnel have considerable experience in cold weather construction.
  • We maintain an office staff and shop facilities to fabricate oil field skids, compressors, salt bath heaters, pipeline assemblies, dryers, filters, meter runs and vessels. Northwinds is not a coded fabrication shop but we have a working relationship with coded fabricators to provide those services when required.
  • We welcome the opportunity to quote on any new facilities, revisions to existing facilities, maintenance or project supervision.

Northwinds of Wyoming, Inc. has access to ample equipment for the installation of pipelines, construction of well locations and installation of production facilities as well as having the qualified personnel to supervise and perform the work by industry approved methods and would be very interested in bidding projects in these related areas, also.

Northwinds maintains a drug free workplace by using the services of Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. of Hutchinson, Kansas for assistance and direction in the implementation of our Anti-Drug Plan and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan. Those plans are revised as needed to provide the most current requirements of the DOT.

Many of our employees are also indoctrinated for working in hazardous environments such as hydrogen sulfide and many have been trained in CPR and First Aid. The key personnel and those with relevant trades, have received HAZMAT, HAZWOPPER, trenching and shoring and other pertinent OSHA training.

Northwinds holds safety meetings on a monthly basis complemented by weekly and daily tailgate safety discussions. A condensed version of our drug policy and recent safety records are incorporated into later sections of this brochure. Please review our safety manual for further information on our safety practices and requirements. Although our safety record is not impeccable, it does rank high in the industry. Our goal is to continuously improve our safety record as our employees become more and more aware of safety's importance.

Northwinds of Wyoming, Inc. is authorized to operate in the following states:

United States map displaying authorized states of operation highlighted in red

State Registration Number
Colorado 871622155
Idaho 105312
Montana F017158
Nebraska 0819719
New Mexico 1555937
North Dakota 6577800
South Dakota FB025504
Kansas F24025
Utah 114909
Wyoming 80199404