Below is a general list of equipment that Northwinds has available:

Please contact us for a full list of equipment and tools

19Excavators 7Motorgraders 4Skid Steers
3Chain Trenchers 2Padding Machines 6Semi
3Rock Saws 5Backhoe/Loaders 2Boom Trucks
3Wheel Trenchers 3Backhoe/Loader/Side booms 72Pickups
7Dozers 2Rough Terrain Cranes 1Dump Truck
6Dozer/Side booms 4Tractors 2Bending Machines
7Side Booms 3Loaders 10Air Compressors

Specialty Equipment

TracStar 900 MF Fusion Cart

TracStar 900 MF Fusion Cart

  • Hydraulic fusion machine that is self-contained, self-propelled and mobile in all-terrain
  • Capable of butt fusing all pipe between 12 and 36 inches in diameter.
Brown Bear Auger Backfiller

Brown Bear Auger Backfiller

  • Hydrostatic Tractor with Auger Attachment
  • Can fill up to 1500 cubic yards per hour
Asphalt Zipper AZ-480S

Asphalt Zipper AZ-480S

  • Turns a loader into a high-powered reclamation machine
  • Can patch streets, repair roads, and open utility trenches in asphalt
  • Works great ripping through frost
Vacuum Lifts

Vacuum Lifts

  • Superior SVL130 Vacuum Lift
  • Superior SVL90 Vacuum Lift with Pad
  • Pipes can be precisely picked up and placed in a matter of seconds
  • Safety is improved since the use of vacuum lifts no longer requires people on the ground during stringing operations
  • Eliminates the use of pipe forks and tongs, which can damage the pipe
John Deere CX20 Brush Hog Attachment

John Deere CX20 Brush Hog Attachment

  • 20' Batwing Rotary Cutter
  • Used for Clearing and Grading Right of Ways
Kodiak Snow Blower Attachment

Kodiak Snowblower Attachment

  • Industrial Grade Snowblower
  • Capable of blowing 3,000 to 11,000 tons of snow per hour